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Will There Be a New CS:GO Operation?


CS:GO fans have been eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated new operation, and their patience is about to pay off. These operations are a goldmine for players, offering a plethora of new cases, stunning skins, and even brand new maps to explore.

Let’s peek into the crystal ball and try to figure out when the CS:GO new operation extravaganza might grace us with its presence.


Valve is keeping a tight lid on any potential news about a new CS:GO operation, but rumors are swirling thanks to the recent release of the Revolution Case in February. This case broke records for the longest gap between CS:GO cases, lasting an impressive 223 days. It’s obvious that Valve is deeply invested in the success of CS:GO, and a new operation would be the ultimate display of their commitment.

It’s no surprise that the community is becoming restless, akin to a squirrel on a caffeine high. While Valorant is showered with constant updates and adoration, CS:GO players are left feeling trapped in a never-ending elevator music loop. Some are sharpening their skills in community modes such as Surf, while others are turning to eSports for their fix. Valve, listen up: keeping players in the loop is crucial, like nurturing a fragile plant, or risk losing them to the competition.

In the past, CS:GO operations have been stealthier than a ninja on a moonless night. No fanfare, no trumpets – just a surprise drop as part of a routine update. This means keeping one eye glued to CS:GO eSports news is as crucial as butter on popcorn. That’s where you’ll catch the first whiff of any upcoming operation.

Strolling Down the CS:GO Memory Lane

Ah, the fond memories of past CS:GO operations! While the latest addition, Operation Riptide, made its debut in September 2021, let’s not forget the trailblazers that paved the way: Operation Hydra and Operation Shattered Web. These two operations held the record for the longest hiatus from May 2017 to November 2019, a staggering 29 months of silence that reverberated like thunder.

But fear not, as we eagerly anticipate a new operation after just under 24 months of waiting. With CS:GO breaking player records and welcoming a fresh wave of gamers to its virtual battlefield, ignoring their clamor for new content would be a grave mistake. It’s like serving tea without biscuits – an unforgivable blunder. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that history won’t repeat itself, and a new operation will soon grace us with its presence.

To provide a clear reference, let’s examine the release dates of ALL previous CS:GO operations:

  • Operation Riptide – September 21, 2021
  • Operation Broken Fang – December 3, 2020
  • Operation Shattered Web – November 18, 2019
  • Operation Hydra – May 23, 2017
  • Operation Wildfire – February 17, 2016
  • Operation Bloodhound – May 26, 2015
  • Operation Vanguard – November 11, 2014
  • Operation Breakout – July 1, 2014
  • Operation Phoenix – February 20, 2014
  • Operation Bravo – September 19, 2013
  • Operation Payback – April 25, 2013


Get ready, gamers, because Counter-Strike 2 is on the horizon! This highly-anticipated game is set to make its debut in 2023, and the community is buzzing with excitement over the promised overhaul. From smokes to maps, tick rates to skins, and sounds to Source 2’s embrace, everything is getting a fabulous makeover, as extensively covered in this article. And with rave reviews already pouring in from limited tests, players are eagerly awaiting their invitations to join in on the action.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some FAQs. Wondering how to increase your chances of getting an invite? Look no further than your steamy account standing and bask in the warm embrace of official Valve servers. And mark your calendars for March 2024, when CS2 will make its inaugural spectacle at PGL Major Copenhagen. The countdown has begun, and we can’t wait for this tantalizing debut just eight months away.


Imagine this: CS:GO operations are a vibrant carnival of community-created maps. Gone are the days of requiring an operation pass – now, players are eagerly welcomed to join in on the excitement. Missions are the key to success, rewarding diligent players with XP galore. And the cherry on top? A dazzling array of new cases and skins that would make even a dragon blush. CS:GO operations are the hottest topic in town, with everyone clamoring for a piece of the action.


Operation Hydra is the undisputed champion of CS:GO history, reigning supreme as the longest-running operation from May to November 2017. Its introduction of the captivating Wingman mode has left an indelible mark on players, who still cherish it as a beloved relic. However, the maps introduced during this operation, such as Agency, Austria, and Seaside, have unfortunately faded into the virtual sunset, becoming mere ghosts of Operation Hydra’s past. Despite this, their names may sound like holiday destinations, but they will forever be remembered as iconic additions to the CS:GO universe.


Operation Payback, the original operation, made its mark from April to August 2013. While its successors may have been more showy, Payback was a humble event that introduced exciting new maps such as Downtown and Motel. Regrettably, these maps disappeared without a trace in 2016, much like Cinderella’s carriage after midnight.


Have you ever pondered where the funds from CS:GO operations end up? Well, let me tell you, Valve has a commendable approach, generously directing the funds back into the creator community. It’s a virtuous cycle, empowering map creators and cultivating a thriving content creation ecosystem for our beloved game.

So, my fellow CS:GO enthusiasts, keep your sights set on the horizon. The next operation is sure to make a grand entrance, dazzling us like a spectacular fireworks show. In the meantime, let’s continue honing our skills, immersing ourselves in the world of eSports, and eagerly anticipating the highly-anticipated arrival of Counter-Strike 2. The future is bright, my friends, and the battlefield beckons.