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What is Dooms Bot in LoL?

dooms bot lol

Have you been introduced to the infamous Doom Bots in LoL? Allow me to enlighten you on one of the most challenging game modes in the entire game of League of Legends.

Nightmare Game Mode in League of Legends?

Doom Bots of Doom is the ultimate nightmare game mode in League of Legends. It stands out from other game modes as it was the first to introduce bots with empowered abilities. This unique feature makes the game incredibly challenging and difficult to conquer. Be prepared for the ultimate test of skill and strategy.

Three Levels Of Difficulties

In the game mode, Doom Bots of Doom offer a thrilling challenge with three distinct levels of difficulty. As you progress through each level, the bots become increasingly formidable, gaining additional effects that make them even stronger.

  • level 1 – enemy champions had Doom mutations to their abilities.

  • level 2 – enemy champions receive Doom Mutations whenever they die. Fortunately at this level, Doom Mutations didn’t stack, with the exception of the Doom Bot’s personal mutation

  • level 3 –  they get all the doom mutations and they could cheat in almost every regard, aside from having full vision of the map.

List of Champions and Their Doom Mutations

  • Amumu – Doom of the Sad Mummy
  • Annie – Doom of the Dark Child
  • Blitzcrank – Doom of the Great Steam Golem
  • Brand – Doom of the Burning Vengeance
  • Cho’Gath – Doom of the Terror of the Void
  • Ezreal – Doom of the Prodigal Explorer
  • Fiddlesticks – Doom of the Harbinger
  • Galio – Doom of the Sentinel’s Sorrow
  • Heimerdinger – Doom of the Revered Inventor
  • Leona – Doom of the Radiant Dawn
  • Lulu – Doom of the Fae Sorceress
  • Lux – Doom of the Lady of Luminosity
  • Malzahar – Doom of the Prophet of the Void
  • Morgana – Doom of the Fallen Angel
  • Tristana – Doom of the Yordle Gunner
  • Udyr – Doom of the Spirit Walker
  • Veigar – Doom of the Tiny Master of Evil
  • Wukong – Doom of the Monkey King
  • Yasuo – Doom of the Unforgiven
  • Yorick – Doom of the Shepherd of Souls
  • Ziggs – Doom of the Hexplosives Expert