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FACEIT Rank Distribution And Players Percentage 2023

faceit rank distribution

Presenting the rank distribution and percentage of players by level in FACEIT CS:GO matchmaking, based on an analysis of over two million unique players in 2023. While FACEIT does not publicly share this information, we have gathered accurate statistics through third-party platforms.

It is important to note that these numbers represent current rank distribution, not the highest rank achieved by each player. While not perfect, this data is reliable and very close to the real distribution. We will continue to update this article with any new information as it becomes available.

The FACEIT rank distribution provides a comprehensive overview of player distribution across various levels. Let’s delve into the breakdown of the distribution based on player percentages:

  • Level 1: 18.71%
  • Level 2: 28.50%
  • Level 3: 32.07%
  • Level 4: 10.85%
  • Level 5: 4.09%
  • Level 6: 2.01%
  • Level 7: 1.13%
  • Level 8: 0.76%
  • Level 9: 0.50%
  • Level 10: 1.38%

The majority of players find themselves in the middle ranks, with Level 3 being the most common, representing approximately one-third of all players.


Level 10 in the CS:GO ranking system is the ultimate accomplishment that only a chosen few can attain. With a mere 1.38% of players reaching this pinnacle as of March 5, 2023, there are approximately 175,000 elite players worldwide who have achieved this prestigious status. Although this year we can see a funny trend where the rarest ranks are indeed level 7,8 and 9, seems to me that climbing is getting more difficult, or the games lacks new players.


FACEIT Elo Distribution within Level 10 (Compared to All Players)


FACEIT Elo Ratings In General and How to Reach Them

  • Level 1: 1 – 800
  • Level 2: 801 – 950
  • Level 3: 951 – 1100
  • Level 4: 1101 – 1250
  • Level 5: 1251 -1400
  • Level 6: 1401 -1550
  • Level 7: 1551 – 1700
  • Level 8: 1701 – 1850
  • Level 9: 1851 – 2000
  • Level 10: 2001 +

As we hear the echoes of gunfire and strategic maneuvers on the virtual battlefields of CS:GO, it’s evident that ascending the ranks requires dedication and hard work. Whether you’re dominating at Level 2, reveling in the triumphs of Level 6, or rubbing elbows with the elite at Level 8, always remember that the game’s excitement is what drives us to keep playing, not just the rank. So, fellow warriors, let’s continue to conquer and enjoy the thrill of the game. Also you can read into more tactics here:



Source of the data

Data was collected from the Faceit Ranking Dashboard. Then ranks for each individual player were grouped to represent the current rank distribution.

How many people are rank 10 on FACEIT?

As of March 5, 2023, 1.38% of players have level 10. This is approximately 175,000 people.

What is the most common rank on FACEIT?

32.07% of all players have rank 3 so it’s considered to be the most common Faceit rank.

What is the rarest rank on FACEIT?

According to our data, the rarest FACEIT rank is 9. Only 0.50% of players have it.


CS:GO FACEIT Rank Distribution Conclusion

The 2023 FACEIT rank distribution data is a treasure trove of insights into the current CS:GO player ranks. From the foundational Level 3 to the apex of Level 10, this distribution offers a clear roadmap for players to advance and highlights the unwavering commitment of the gaming community. As the competitive landscape evolves, this data is an indispensable reference point for players and the gaming industry at large.